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Ron Klein is a man who accomplishes extraordinary things. He is a PROBLEM SOLVER. Every solution has resulted in monumental change, either in a new invention or a simple solution. His innovative ideas have changed the world. He is the inventor of:

  • The Magnetic Strip on the Credit Card
  • Credit Card Validity Checking System
  • Developer of Computerized Systems for Real Estate Multiple Listing (MLS) Services
  • Voice Response for the Banking Industry
  • The BOND Quotation and Trade Information System for the New York Stock Exchange

Ron was interviewed by Radio and TV news media and AOL/Huffington Post. He has received over 652,000 views. The focus was on his positive can-do attitude and philosophy on how to meet the challenges in your business and personal life.

Ron's latest patent is for a device that enables a visually impaired person the ability to identify an item when in physical range of that item. It utilizes a smartphone and special coded labels.

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