Radio Interviews

betty-whileRon Klein was the International Radio Show host of THE GRANDFATHER OF POSSIBILITIES SHOW on Internet Radio. Some of Ron’s celebrity guests were Betty White, TV star of the Golden Girls and movies, Willie Jolley, famous entertainer, speaker and author and Nathan Osmond, second generation Osmond family. Entrepreneurial guests Eric Dezenhall, Rick Frishman, Harris Rosen and many others shared the mike with Ron. A few excerpts of interviews can be heard on this website.With his “can do” attitude, logic and ingenuity, he turns every negative into a positive and deals with challenges in his personal and professional life. His incredible perspective on life will inspire you and empower you for greater success in YOUR personal and professional endeavors. Listen to Ron and learn from him.

Ron continues to learn something new everyday and shares his knowledge with others. He will stimulate your thinking power, inspire you to discover YOUR talents and will show you how a “can do” attitude can turn every negative into a positive. He invites you to join in his stories and picture yourself in challenging situations. YOU “can do” it!!

Ron Klein’s Radio Interviews

with Guest Betty White Golden Girl, TV & Hollywood Screen Star

with Guests Nathan Osmond, Entertainer, Speaker & Willie Jolley Entertainer, Speaker, Author

with Guests Eric Dezenhall CEO Dezenhall Resources and Allan Horlick President / GM WUSA9 TV

with Guests Steve Alten Author, Linda Larsen Motivational Speaker

with Guest Robert C McMillan Entertainer, Speaker, CEO Fortune 500 Company

with Guest Rick Frishman, Publicist, Motivational Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur & Publisher

with Guests Harris Rosen, President/COO Rosen Hotels & Resorts and – Gregg Anderson, President/CEO/Business Mgr Digital Image Business Solutions